BYDFi Daliy Mining Promotion - Up to 16 BYDs

BYDFi Daliy Mining Promotion - Up to 16 BYDs
  • Promotion Period: Unlimited
  • Promotions: Up to 16 BYDs.

BYDFi Daliy Mining

After registration, users can randomly get mainstream cryptocurrencies and platform token BYD on the Daily Mining page.

The mainstream cryptocurrencies can be converted into USDT for real trading.

There are 10.24 million BYDs in this promotion. Get 6 BYDs after activation, Each account can receive up to 16 BYDs.

BYD is a platform token issued by BYDFi. The total supply is 210 million,
BYDFi Daliy Mining Promotion - Up to 16 BYDs

Gift Money Rules

  1. When you transfer mining gift money, it will be automatically added to the gift money balance, which can be viewed in my assets
  2. The gift money will be automatically deducted when placing an order. If the balance is insufficient, it cannot be deducted
  3. Gift money can be used to deduct trading fees,withdrawals are not allowed
  4. The gift money cannot be exchanged for other coins, and cannot deduct the withdrawal fees, etc.
  5. Any illegal collection of mining gift money will result in the account being banned
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