BYDFi Refer Friends Bonus - Up to 2888 USDT

BYDFi Refer Friends Bonus - Up to 2888 USDT
  • Promotion Period: No limited time
  • Promotions: Users can receive 2888 USDT, mystery boxes, airdrops (APP exclusive)
Are you seeking an opportunity to amplify your trading potential and unlock unparalleled benefits? Look no further than BYDFi – a premier platform that empowers traders with cutting-edge tools and rewards. Currently, BYDFi is offering an exclusive promotion that allows users to elevate their trading experience and maximize their earnings like never before.

What is the BYDFi Referral Program?

Referring a friend to a cryptocurrency platform can earn you some sweet bonuses. Use your referral link to invite more people to join the BYDFi family. 

Why Join the BYDFi Referral Program?

Benefit 1: Recommend friends and receive up to 240 USDT per month!

  • Recommend friends and complete specific tasks to receive perpetual contract coupons.

Benefit 2: Earn points by recommending friends, which can be exchanged for various products.

  • You will receive points for each transaction made by your friends. These points can be redeemed for trial funds, coupon, bonus, and various physical gifts in the BYD Point Center.

Benefit 3: Receive commissions, and your friends will receive USDT upon completing the tasks at Rewards Hub.

  • The base commission is 5%. If you have experience promoting on other platforms, please contact us! A professional manager will be available to serve you.

How to join the BYDFi Referral Program

1. Click on your avatar - [Affiliate Center].
BYDFi Refer Friends Bonus - Up to 2888 USDT2. Click on [Invite Users], and grab your unique referral link or code from the platform. 
BYDFi Refer Friends Bonus - Up to 2888 USDT3. Share the link or code with your friends and encourage them to sign up using it. 

Once your friend completes the required actions, such as making a deposit or trading a certain amount, you’ll receive your referral bonus. 

Keep an eye on your account to track your referrals and bonuses. 

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